Bacon Bowls!

Ever having a dinner party and you need that something extra to make your dinner special? Well… how about serving your salads in bacon bowls! I’m going to give step by step instructions with pictures for you on how to make some fantastic and tasty bowls for your salads!

 photo baconstash_zps96f459d1.jpg



– BACON each cup needs 4 slices (4 people = 16 slices)

TIN FOIL any brand will do

– WHISKEY GLASS preferably one that is strait rather than tapering out towards the top

– BAKING SHEET feel free to use a cookie sheet, but make sure it has a lip, otherwise you’ll have a bacon grease mess to clean up (trust me. it’s a pain in the ass to clean)

– TOOTHPICKS these are optional, but they help to keep the cups from falling apart in the oven.


– line your baking sheet with foil (this makes for easy clean up at the end of the day)

– wrap your upside down whisky glass with foil (make sure you have enough foil hanging off the bottom – see photo below)

– preheat your oven to 350′ F

 photo baconcups_zpsb79c57d3.jpg

STEP 1: place two pieces of bacon crossing across the bottom of the cup

STEP 2: weave  your third piece of bacon around the bottom of the cup, over the bit closest to you, under the sides. make sure the ends of the slice meet under one of the side pieces

STEP 3: weave your fourth piece of bacon around the top of the cup, weaving it opposite of the other piece above it. again, make sure to tuck the edges under the side piece

STEP 4: remove the bacon on the foil off of the cup, and set it aside.

STEP 5: put toothpicks through the bacon slices where the edges met

STEP 6: repeat the above steps as many times as you need, depending on how many cups you need, and then you’re ready to bake them!

Set the baking sheet in the oven with the cups on it on the center rack and let it cook for about 35-40 minutes. 35 if you want the bacon to be a bit floppy, 40 if you want it nice and crisp.

once they are done baking, you’ll wanna let them cool before you remove the toothpicks and foil from them. Be gentle! the cups will break easy if you’re not. Once they are up right, foil-free and toothpick-free put your salad in them and VOILA! you just gave your meal that little extra ‘wow’ factor! Set out some dressings and place the bowls in bowls and enjoy! =)

 photo Baaconn_zps938242b7.jpg

 photo 8364e636-8438-417b-aca0-d669396117dc_zps0f5e48dd.jpg photo 8364e636-8438-417b-aca0-d669396117dc_zps0f5e48dd.jpg


4 thoughts on “Bacon Bowls!

  1. haha – that’s what I meant! =)
    I have also made twice baked potatoes in a smaller bacon bowl before and it turned out well =)

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