Chocolate Whiskey Frosting

Hello all!

As we near my birthday, I’m getting excited to offer my guests a great meal, even if it’s just finger foods and cake! I am trying to figure out my cake for everyone. All the guests will be drinking age, so I’m thinking of making my famous whiskey frosting on a chocolate cake… =) yum… drooling all ready.

Anyways! I thought I’d share my whiskey frosting with you all. I might add that it is quite a delicious filling for cupcakes or just as a frosting. Note: whiskey will not be cooked off, so make sure you make some for any kiddies before you add in the Jack Daniels  =)


Chocolate Whiskey Frosting


– 2 sticks butter

6 tablespoons or 2 shots  Jack Daniels (or your favorite) Whiskey (set aside)

4-5 cups confectioners’ sugar

1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted (you can also use the same amount of cocoa powder if you don’t have chocolate chips)

2-3 tablespoons heavy cream or milk

In a sauce pan over low heat, melt the butter. Add in the chocolate chips or cocoa powder and whisky until well mixed. Remove from the heat and slowly add confectioners’ sugar one cup, but make sure to not let it get too dry. Let the sauce cool while you continue to whisk it. Add cream or milk one tablespoon at a time until frosting reaches desired consistency. Once the sauce is cooled, whisk in that wonderful whiskey and slather on a cupcake, fill a cupcake with it, or spread it on a cake and Enjoy!

Note: how much whiskey you add depends on how much you want to taste it. If you want to get drunk off of cupcakes, I’d suggest you add more whiskey and more sugar to keep it at a good consistency.




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